I think even though our naked eyes cannot piece together such beauty it does not mean it does not exist. It just simply means we need to experience this beauty in other ways like for one in this case using a camera with a long exposure to capture it or maybe for most just appreciating the beauty with our hearts…

If a blind man can imagine how beautiful a person can be, how breathtaking a field full of flowers can be just from the vivid descriptions they might have heard and read. I feel that they must have drawn a picture of it in their minds and most of all felt it in their hearts. So what more all of us of whom have already been blessed to catch a glimpse of beauty in whatever form it may be with our eyes… Let us experience more than what we actually see, let us take on the imagination of someone who might be blind and feel it with our hearts, souls and minds :D

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Summer Sunset Submitted by by (Anthony Bailey)| Tumblr

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Glacier | St. Maurice, Switzerland

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I will always remember when The Doctor was me.

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Morning by halina-anna


Morning by halina-anna

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